• Funko Pop V For Vendetta Metallic #10 Vinyl Figure In Stock
  • Funko Pop V For Vendetta Metallic #10 Vinyl Figure In Stock

Pop! Movies V For Vendetta Metallic #10 Vinyl Figure In Stock

Item Number: 02578
Related Subjects: V For Vendetta
Series: Pop! Vinyl , Pop! Movies
Released: 2012
Production Status: Exclusive
Features: Bobblehead
Figure Height: 3.75 in
Reference #: 10
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V is the protagonist of the graphic novel and film V for Vendetta. He has vowed vengeance on a dystopian Fascist Brittain and to topple a corrupt regime. He hides behind his trademark Guy Fawkes mask and utilizes his combat prowess and enhanced intellect to carry out his mission.
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5.0 38 Reviews
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