• Funko Pop! Animation Bleach Hollow Ichigo #96 Vinyl Figure In Stock
  • Funko Pop! Animation Bleach Hollow Ichigo #96 Vinyl Figure In Stock
  • Funko Pop! Animation Bleach Hollow Ichigo #96 Vinyl Figure In Stock
  • Funko Pop! Animation Bleach Hollow Ichigo #96 Vinyl Figure In Stock

Funko Pop! Animation Bleach Hollow Ichigo #96 Vinyl Figure In Stock

Item Number: 08899
Related Subjects: Bleach
Series: Pop! Vinyl , Pop! Animation
Released: 2016
Production Status: Exclusive
Features: Bobblehead
Figure Height: 3.75 in
Reference #: 96
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Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who can see and communicate with spirits, is the main character of Funko Pop! Animation Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki (Hollow) Gamestop Exclusive Figure #96.
Ichigo appears in Funko Pop Bleach sporting spiky orange hair and donning the customary Shinigami robe with a red strap across the chest. He also holds onto a fairly hefty knife that is sitting at his foot. The Funko pop animation bleach Ichigo is made from vinyl material and comes in black, white, and red colors. The vinyl figure is 3.75 inches tall.

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What Does Vaulted Funko Pop Mean?
Are vaulted pops more valuable?
Vaulted funko pops means that funko had previously released this pop earlier and retired it (vault).Funko then decided to reissue this pop. And they are given the name...Vaulted. All pops become vaulted at sometime and this is one of the factors that drives up the price and makes them so sought after.
If a funko pop vinyl is vaulted, this means that a particular model is no longer in production. Figurines that are vaulted or have chase stickers stand a much better chance of becoming valuable funko pops in the future.
Funko does retire(vault) their products which adds to the collectability.Whenever a pop vinyl is vaulted, some collectors grab them, in expectation the pop vinyl will become valuable. A vaulted pop vinyl may not immediately increase in value, since you can often continue to purchase them, sometimes at discounted prices. The demand determines how valuable a pop vinyl becomes.
We pride ourselves on offering one of the largest ranges of vaulted pop! Vinyls and funko pop! Vinyl grails, including us exclusive, limited editing, comic con release and extremely hard to find, rare pop! Vinyl figures. Our vaulted range spans from early releases with limited quantities, the rarest pop! Vinyls, marvel, dc, disney, star wars, anime, and miscellaneous pop! Vinyl figures worth a lot and brought to you for the lowest possible price! We also include free pop! Protector cases with all standard sized figures to ensure that your vaulted figures remain in mint condition in transit. A pop! Vinyl is considered vaulted once the manufacturer, funko, no longer makes them, and often can have very limited quantities and extreme rarities. They make the perfect addition to any pop culture collectables range, collection, or as the ideal birthday or christmas gift idea for the geek or fan in your life. 
Each product will be equipped with a PVC case for all 4-inch dolls.
PVC is a transparent plastic material that stacks and displays your rare or unique character.
For products larger than 4 inches.a 4-inch PVC case will be placed in your carton and presented to you to protect your other dolls.
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